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Coming Soon: Inspired by true events, Revolutions is a dramatic podcast series that presents an alternate history in which Marie Antoinette escapes the French Revolution, arrives in America and, desperate for redemption and a chance to restore her family’s honor, sets out on an improbable quest to rule again. Meanwhile, in a divided present-day America, history is turned on its head as Marie’s descendant Louise Antoinette is driven to lead a modern-day revolution against a polarizing new President – who also happens to be her father...


What do you do when you’re a Queen and all of the wealth, power and influence that you’ve always had – and assumed you’d have forever – is ripped from you? Revolutions presents a dramatic alternate history – and present – in which Marie Antoinette escapes the French Revolution and arrives in America to begin a new life with little more than her two children and the clothes on her back. She has been given a clean slate – a second chance to not only live, but to finally live life her way.
But Marie has grand plans. Desperate to redeem herself and honor her family’s legacy (her mother was the popular Empress of Austria), Marie dreams of another improbable rise to power. She yearns to prove that she can be an effective – and popular – leader. Thanks to her time as Queen, she already enjoys relationships with the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and Americans would be largely sympathetic to her – after all they would not have won the American Revolution without her and King Louis XVI’s significant financial aid. Besides, this is America – isn’t anything possible?
And yet Marie is torn. Nobody knows better the terrible price that can come with power. Would the wiser choice not be to settle down, live a quiet, anonymous life and raise her children without the continued threat of the guillotine? A dramatic transformation potentially awaits this former Queen, but will redemption and honor come at a price too dear to pay...? 
Meanwhile, in a parallel storyline set in the present-day, in an ironic twist on history, we find Marie’s descendant Louise about to lead a modern-day revolution against a polarizing new president - her own father. Much like Marie,  Louise too finds herself torn between redeeming the family’s honor and the terrible price that she may have to pay to do so. 
In Revolutions, the two storylines are dramatically interwoven as they connect the dots between Marie’s story in the late 1700’s and Louise’s present-day story, accentuating parallel action, cause and effect, the lessons of history, recurring themes of honor and redemption and more, all resulting in a rich, multi-layered world and series. 

Revolutions: podcast trailer
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